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Renovate Europe calls on future MEPS to “STOP Energy Waste in Buildings”


12 Mar 2014


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Brussels, 12th March 2014

On 12th March, the Renovate Europe Campaign published its European Elections Manifesto calling on candidate MEPs to sign a Pledge to “STOP Energy Waste in Buildings”. The Campaign will undertake 3 Days of Action in the European Parliament on 1st, 2nd, 3rd April 2014 in Brussels.
“Stopping energy waste in buildings is becoming a top priority for citizens, as households face increasingly high energy bills”, explained MEP Fiona Hall (UK, ALDE), an early supporter of the Manifesto. “This is a real opportunity for candidate MEPs to address their national constituencies on a topic that really speaks to them and affects them on a daily basis, and where they understand that the EU plays a fundamental role.”
MEP Anne Delvaux (BE, EPP), another early supporter of the Renovate Europe Manifesto and Co-Rapporteur of the EP’s Report on the 2030 Energy and Climate Framework, emphasised the strong rationale of signing such a pledge: “In the European elections, voters will look for candidates to fight for solutions that boost jobs and growth in the immediate future, but that also fit into a long-term strategy to achieve a competitive sustainable low-carbon economy in the EU. Pledging to STOP Energy Waste in Buildings makes clear political sense”.
32 partners drawn from across the construction value chain have gathered behind the Renovate Europe Manifesto for the 2014 European Elections.
“This is a cross-sectoral, cross-national, cross-party call to action”, explained Adrian Joyce, Director of Renovate Europe, “Stopping energy waste in buildings delivers numerous multiple benefits, for the economy, for businesses, for the environment and for citizens’ wellbeing and quality of life and therefore defies the traditional party-lines, sectoral groups and national borders.”
Renovate Europe is working in close cooperation with its national Supporting Partners to maximise the impact of this Manifesto at the national and local level in the run-up to the elections in May. The REC Manifesto is translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Greek, and includes National Inserts explaining the national relevance for Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, the UK and the Czech Republic.


Renovate Europe will be holding 3 Days of Action in the European Parliament on 1-2-3 April in Brussels for MEPs to sign the Pledge.
Download the Manifesto in your language and your National Insert:
Adrian JOYCE
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About the Campaign
Renovate Europe is a political communications campaign that was launched by industry leaders in 2011. It has 32 partner companies and associations drawn from many sections of the construction value chain and its headline ambition is to reduce the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050 as compared to 2005 levels. More information on the Campaign and its actions can be found at:


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