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Relaunch of young progressive leaders network


15 Dec 2015


Science & Policymaking

Leaders of Young European Socialist gathered for the first time in Brussels to debate the numerous challenges faced by socialists and social democrats in Europe and how they can influence together their mother parties and the PES. They touched upon a great variety of topics, among which the most important ones were their very critical view of TTIP and CETA and more generally neoliberal trade policies, the necessity of harmonising migration and asylum procedures in Europe as well as the need for more cooperation with left wing and progressive parties rather than conservatives and liberal ones.

“There is a real willingness to work together : as a generation we know our futures are intertwined and we will only be able to make our generation’s lives better if we campaign together for a social, green and solidary Europe”, said Laura Slimani. Leaders all agreed to campaign together in 2016 for a real and immediate financial transaction tax as well as for a common tax on corporations’ benefits, the only way necessary investments in jobs, education and health can be made.

Leaders of 15 youth organizations adopted a common declaration in which they call on European leaders to take decisive steps in this direction.

For more info please contact Lucie Susova, YES political officer at : +320474096683

Young European Socialists YES, formerly ECOSY (European Community Organisation of Socialist Youth) is the umbrella organisation for socialist and social democratic youth in Europe.

YES gathers Socialist and Social Democratic youth movements of the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe and of the Mediterranean countries. It was founded in November 1992 in The Hague, Netherlands.

Currently YES unites 63 youth organisations from 47 countries to advocate for socialist and social democratic values in the European institutions, as well as facilitate the exchange of ideas between our members.

President : Laura Slimani (French young socialists)

Secretary General : Nina Zivanovic (Social democratic Youth of Serbia)


Party of European Socialists (PES)


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