Refugees - EU must prepare for solidarity beyond Lampedusa


14 Feb 2011


Med & South

The situation in Lampedusa reveals the inadequacy of EU migration policies as well as their dependence on the presence of dictators such as Ben Ali and Gaddafi. Furthermore, the humanitarian situation may soon deteriorate beyond Lampedusa as a series of countries from Morocco to Syria may each present a humanitarian risk.


We all want these revolutions to go well, if not the EU could be faced with its most serious humanitarian crisis, akin to the 1956 Hungarian crisis that prompted the creation of the UNHCR.


Mrs Ashton and Mrs Malmström must both reveal our level of preparedness: are we following the situation? Are Member States prepared to show solidarity by receiving large numbers of refugees? Do we have the necessary infrastructure for reception?


This is a crucial test for Europe. We have to stop end the current piecemeal approach and act at the continental level to solve a continental problem.

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