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Rana Plaza anniversary - EU rules on the clothing sector and supply chain; quote by Green MEP Jean Lambert


21 Apr 2016


Global Europe

Ahead of the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza ​​disaster in Bangladesh that killed over a thousand workers and seriously injured thousands more​, Greens/EFA MEP Jean Lambert said:

"Three years on from the Rana Plaza disaaster, it is scandalous that the European Commission has failed to introduce any specific binding standards for the sector to help prevent another such tragedy. Promises to take action on this issue have so far come to nothing, and the organisation of a high level event to mark the tragedy in no way substitutes strong legislation to introduce due diligence in the textile and garment industry.

"This is an area where EU leadership could add value to a global industry. Despite improvements in some countries over the last three years, many workers are still being exploited, exposed to toxic products, and not being paid a living wage. The Greens/EFA group is calling for increased transparency and accountability for garment and footwear companies. The EU needs to introduce legislation, including mandatory reporting for EU companies, to make the supply chain fair to workers and to help make sure disasters such as Rana Plaza never happen again."

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