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Racist Dutch website controversy exposes Commission's failure to defend fundamental values


13 Mar 2012


Justice & Home Affairs

Calling for stronger action in cases of incitement to racial hatred such as the Dutch website which attempts to stir up xenophobia against East European workers, GUE/NGL MEP Marie-Christine Vergiat criticised the Commission's failure to defend fundamental European values today in the European Parliament.

"The Danish Presidency and the Commission have condemned this move, but continue to refer to the member states and their courts. I thought the Commission was the guardian of the Treaties, that freedom of movement and non-discrimination was one of the values ??of the European Union. I see that some values ??are more important than others."

"On economic matters, when it comes to free movement ... goods or capital, barriers to competition, the Commission is quick to condemn. Why do you think people doubt the true values ??of the EU?" she asked representatives of the Council and Commission.

The site was set up by the PVV far-right party - a member of the parliamentary coalition that supports the current Dutch government which refuses to condemn the site.

Vergiat, quoting from the site: "Do you have any problems with Eastern European immigrants? Have you lost your job because of a Pole, a Bulgarian or a Romanian? Tell us!"

"Similar racist practices are developing in many Member States" she regretted citing examples from Poland, Latvia, Luxembourg and France, most notably from President Sarkozy.

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