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PPWR – Recognising the role of high-quality recycling in a circular economy


22 Nov 2023


Climate & Environment

The outcome of today's PPWR plenary vote establishes a framework to deliver the objectives of the EU Green Deal and ensure that all packaging placed on the EU market is recyclable or reusable in an economically viable way by 2030.

MPE welcomes the introduction of performance grades to assess the recyclability of packaging, mandatory separate collection target of 90%EPR calculations based on the net cost of collection, sorting, and recycling or recovery of the packaging, the link between eco-modulation of fees and recyclability, and a wider rollout of DRS to foster aluminium beverage packaging collection.

"Today’s critical PPWR vote recognises the importance of high-quality recycling and introduces performance grades to further boost the recyclability of packaging. Rigid metal packaging will remain at the heart of a European circular economy.” - MPE CEO Krassimira Kazashka.

MPE also supports the inclusion of a high-quality recycling definition. However, this definition missed the opportunity to incentivise permanent materials that can withstand multiple recycling loops without changes to their main material properties.

Rigid metal packaging, with a well-established collection and sorting infrastructure, some of the highest recycling rates in Europe, and a significant contribution to food waste prevention is the perfect partner for a circular economy. MPE remain committed to collaborative efforts and call upon the Council of the EU to fortify the PPWR and deliver a sustainable future for packaging.



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