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Pittella: A decent compromise. Now Cameron should do his utmost to win the referendum


22 Feb 2016


UK in Europe

Following the conclusion of the European Council, where an agreement over the UK referendum has been reached, the president of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, stressed:
"The Council hammered out a decent compromise. Now history will be watching Cameron’s sincere efforts to win the referendum and to find a way out of the hole he has dug himself into for both the UK and the European Union. The real challenge begins now. We should all do our utmost to persuade British people that there is no single, concrete or rational reason for leaving the EU. It is evident that in terms of jobs, security and rights, Britain and Britons are better off in the EU. On the contrary, Britain leaving would bring about serious and tangible consequences, first and foremost for British workers and businesses.
"As far as the agreement is concerned, for the S&D Group it was crucial that European principles and values were not undermined. We got it. The S&D Group stressed that no veto power would have been acceptable on ‘ever closer Union’ or on economic governance. We also got it.
"Now, we must all strike the same target: the unity of Europe with a strong UK in a strong EU.
"As we already clearly said to Mr Cameron, the European Parliament is, and will remain, a crucial player and not a paper pusher. Therefore, we will fully play our role as co-legislator and carefully look through the whole implementation process of the final agreement, especially regarding the social dimension."