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PES will strengthen a weakened Europe, re-elected PES President Sergei Stanishev pledges


10 Dec 2018


Delegates at the Party of European Socialists Congress in Lisbon have today re-elected Sergei Stanishev as the President of the party.
Addressing delegates ahead of his re-election, Sergei Stanishev set out his vision for a progressive Europe – a Europe which is fair, free and sustainable.
After his re-election, PES President Sergei Stanishev said:
“This year will be crucial year for our party and I would like to thank the PES family for putting their trust in me as President – I am looking forward to leading the party into the next elections. But more than that, I would like to thank them, and all our member parties and activists, for their commitment and effort. Last year I said Europe urgently needed a progressive renewal. This Congress proves that this renewal is very much underway. Our party is more united and motivated than ever before, and we have a strong policy platform and Common Candidate as we go into the European elections.
“In the upcoming elections we will be addressing the issues of millions of European Citizens. We will be defending workers who fear their jobs will be taken by robots. We will be extending protection for the employees in the digital economy. We will be fighting for equal rights and equal payment for men and women. We will be standing firm for democracy and human rights. We will be preventing climate change and saving the environment. We will be opposing the nationalists and the populists. We will be challenging the conservatives. We will be building new alliances in the name of the citizens. We will be strengthening a weakened Europe. Our Europe is a Fair, Free and Sustainable Europe for all citizens.”
For a biography of Sergei Stanishev, see the PES website.
Number of delegates with voting rights: 339
Number of votes case: 323
Number of valid votes: 322
Number of blank votes: 1
Election result: Do you confirm the election of Sergei Stanishev as PES President?
NO: 23 votes (7%)
ABSTENTION: 29 votes (9%)
YES: 270 votes (84%)