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PES to underline its contribution to EU social pillar and gig workers’ rights at summit in Tallinn


28 Sep 2017


Social Europe & Jobs

PES has been the driving force in shaping the European social pillar and supporting workers in the digital economy -- a fact that will be made clear once again at today’s informal EU leaders’ summit in Tallinn.

PES president Sergei Stanishev and two chairs of PES networks wrote yesterday to all PES heads of state and government, Commissioners and deputy prime ministers, summarising PES action to date on the social pillar and emphasising the importance of concrete progress in Tallinn.

The letter from Mr Stanishev, Pervenche Berès MEP, chair of the PES social Europe network, and Nicolas Schmit, Luxembourg minister for labour, employment and social affairs and chair of the PES employment and social policy network was sent yesterday after the regular meeting of the PES Social Europe Network in Brussels.

In the letter, which focused particularly on the digital revolution and its impact on workers' rights, Ms Berès, Mr Schmit and Mr Stanishev wrote:

"To avoid precarious work and unfair competition, we must establish a level playing field between all workers, whether online or offline. We want to ensure the same level of social protection applies to all workers. The European Digital Summit in Tallinn is a crucial opportunity to set this direction: technological progress must translate into social progress for all of Europe.

"We believe that the European Pillar of Social Rights offers an opportunity to rebalance economic freedoms with social rights, to redirect technological progress to the benefit of workers. We also believe that new proposals in the framework of a Social Action Plan are needed."

Commenting on the letter, Mr Stanishev added:

"The Party of European Socialists has long fought for the European Union's economic freedoms to be matched with personal freedoms and social rights.

"Time is running out. That's why our leaders will advocate not just the social pillar but a concrete action plan, including vital measures to fight poverty, promote equality, improve young people's prospects and ensure that all workers benefit from social protections, even in the digital economy.

"Now we look to leaders from other political parties, primarily the EPP, to follow our lead -- so we can finally make concrete progress on this vital issue."

Find out more on PES efforts in shaping the European social pillar and supporting workers in the digital economy here.


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