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PES triggers a pan European Youth Action Day


26 Oct 2016


Social Europe & Jobs

Young people from all over Europe will participate in the European Youth Plan Action Day on November 16, 2016.

The Party of European Socialists and the Young European Socialists came up with the idea of the event and many PES member parties will join the initiative. 20 days from now in dozens of cities around Europe different events will take place, showing support for the plan. So far socialists from Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, France, Romania, Sweden confirmed that they will be supporting the action in their countries. Members, activists and partners of both PES and YES (Young European Socialists) will be joining the Action Day and raise awareness about our European Youth Plan.

The plan contains policies and ideas of improving the well-being of the younger generation. We want to help out young Europeans find a career path in this difficult economic environment, we want to compensate them for the cuts in healthcare and education imposed by the conservatives; we want to grant them access to European culture.

The European Youth Plan wishes to extend the Youth Guarantee to cover people up to age 30, which will require more EU funding. The plan demands for extension of the Erasmus+ programme, so it should also cover high school and vocational training if it is to become more progressive and last, but not least – the plan insists on children having access to free healthcare checks and quality meals in schools and culture checks for young people, which can grant them access to cultural venues and events all over the EU.

Do you think these are good ideas? Join any of the events which will take place all over Europe on our European Youth Plan Action Day, where all European progressives will join forces for a Europe that works for young people!

Party of European Socialists (PES)