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PES Presidency with declaration on Social Europe and Digital Workplace


16 Jun 2017


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Social Europe & Jobs

The Party of European Socialists has adopted two major declarations – on the European Pillar of Social rights and on the future of employment in the digital age. Both documents were agreed at the PES Presidency meeting in Brussels on 16 June 2017.

Before starting its work, the Presidency paid tribute to the late UK Labour MP Jo Cox, who was brutally murdered exactly one year ago. "We miss her but we celebrate all that she stood for. Her values, her determination to ensure that there is more that unites us than divides us and her message of hope live on," PES Vice President Jan Royall said.

The representatives of all PES member parties at the Presidency also expressed their firm support and solidarity with the French Socialist Party (PS France) for the upcoming second round of the legislative election in the country.

The Presidency was fully focused on the future of the EU based on equality and social justice and especially the need for social protection for all EU citizens now and for the future.

The declaration on the European Pillar of Social Rights was adopted, outlining PES positions concerning the need for better working conditions, equal opportunities for additional education, training, lifelong learning and access to social protection for all EU citizens. Read the declaration on Social pillar here.

“What Europe needs is a clear timeline for the Social Pillar. And that’s why a PES delegation met the president of the European Commission Juncker this week demanding a Social Action Plan with specific. Today’s declaration is yet another sign that our political family is united in these demands”, PES president Sergei Stanishev said.

The second Declaration – on fairer employment in the digital economy -- lays out in detail how to adapt existing employment legislation to the fast-moving challenges of the 21st century. It specifies seven major principles such as equal access to high quality training, legal protection for workers in the sector, possibilities for collective action in the new forms of employment and fighting tax avoidance. Read the declaration on digital economy here.

Sergei Stanishev added:

“There is an urgent need to guarantee social rights and social protection for all in an increasingly digital world. We want to strike a fair balance between the promises of technology and the protection of workers, a balance that allows reaping the benefits of digitalisation without renouncing our social model.”

Photos of the meeting


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