Pedro Sánchez’s government shows his true commitment to equality and to Europe


Justice & Home Affairs
The S&D Group in the European Parliament welcome the appointment of the new 17 ministers by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, eleven of whom are women.  
S&D president Udo Bullmann said: 
“My warmest congratulations and best wishes to Pedro Sánchez and his new government! With a female-majority cabinet, our Spanish comrade is making a great progressive step towards more equality in politics. It should be an example and an inspiration to other countries in Europe and in the world. It is so refreshing to see Spain back at the forefront of Europe’s feminism!   
“The new cabinet is composed of highly qualified members, many of them having had a long experience in Brussels, such as Josep Borrell (Foreign Affairs), Nadia Calviño (Economy) and Luis Planas (Agriculture). In their new capacity, they will be able to play a crucial role for a more progressive EU, a Union that looks beyond GDP growth and is also capable of building a society based on equality and solidarity. 
“I also welcome the fact that there will be a single portfolio for the ‘Ecologic Transition’, which encompasses both Energy and Environment to bring a coherent approach. Under the leadership of Teresa Ribera, who also has great international experience, it can definitely make a difference in the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economic model.
“Sánchez’s project embodies the Social Democrat vision for our current challenges, to build a more cohesive and sustainable society based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: the fact that he will appoint a High Commissioner to fight child poverty is great news and shows that he has the right priorities.”


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