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OMV joins Route4Gas


28 Apr 2021



We are proud to announce that OMV, the integrated, international oil, gas and chemicals company headquartered in Vienna, has joined Route4Gas this week.


Rainer Zehetner, OMV Department Manager Short-term Balancing and Optimization: "We decided to join Route4Gas to get an additional opportunity to optimize our diversified trading and asset portfolio. Route4Gas has characterized a high level of reliability and professionalism so far, which is why we are looking forward to excellent cooperation."

With OMV now on board, Route4Gas continues to grow its customer base.

Georg Giokas, Lead Sales at Route4Gas: "The 16th client signed our agreement. It shows how a smart, innovative solution reflects the market's need and constantly proves its reliability and efficiency. We're elated to be working with OMV and can't wait to bring their growing trading business to the next level."

Through Route4Cas, the gas market can manage portfolios more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase market opportunities while L›oostirig liquidity. Using the Route4Cas app, participants input their overall transport, storage, and trading positions from across the entire European gas market in a single round. An algorithm then determines the  possiL›le day-ahead  or weekend transactions L›etweeri the traders, considering the locations of all parties involved. At the end of the calculation, the participants close the deals L›ilaterally according to the specifications of the algorithm.

Route4Gas went live on 1st September 2020. So far their customers have achieved a matching rate up to 61% per round, being active on thirteen hubs. To date, users have entered more than 8, 312 TWh of DA volumes in our system.