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No EU funding for fossil fuel projects, urge S&Ds


28 Sep 2021



Fossil fuel projects like natural gas pipelines will no longer be eligible for funding with EU money, as a result of the work by the Socialists and Democrats in the European parliament’s committee on industry, research and energy. S&D members of the European Parliament included this provision in the parliamentary report revising the 2013 regulation on trans-European networks in energy (TEN-E). The aim of this regulation is to set EU rules for cross-border energy infrastructures and determine the process for selecting projects of common interest.

The energy projects applying for EU funding will have to prove their energy efficiency as the main criterion in the process of assessment of eligibility for EU funding. The guiding principle in the work of the Socialists and Democrats is, and remains, paving the way with actions, not just words to a carbon neutral energy system. For this purpose, they insisted on having an improved and science-based ten-year network development plan. 

Erik Bergkvist, Swedish MEP and S&D negotiator on the revision of the TEN-E regulation, said:

“After long and tough negotiations, I am confident that this revision of TEN-E will help us reach our ambitious climate goals. Our main goal was to leave no loose ends when it comes to fossil energy, preferably to stop everything directly and if not to have a clear stop date for transitional solutions. We succeeded with both. All in all this is a big step on the road to more renewable energy throughout the EU.”



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