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New resources for patients to increase awareness on the use of parenteral nutrition at home


29 Aug 2019


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Brussels, 29 August 2019: Good nutrition is an essential part of care. It ensures that patients receive the right nutritional support at the right time whether in hospital, in a community setting or at home. Parenteral nutrition (also called intravenous feeding) is a life-saving therapy for patients with different illnesses that cannot meet their full nutritional needs only through oral or enteral feeding.

Home parenteral nutrition – e.g. intravenous feeding administered outside the hospital, either at home or in a nursing home – may be a valid option for improving quality of life of patients whose conditions require long-term parenteral nutrition.

MNI launched a brand-new website - - dedicated to nutritional care delivered at home, and in particular on home parenteral nutrition.

The website provides information to patients and the general public about what home parenteral nutrition is, who can receive it and when, how it works, and what are the benefits and safety aspects. Q&As are easily accessible through a drop-down menu.

Visitors can use an interactive map to look for local support organisations to learn more, seek advice and share experiences with other patients.

MNI Vice-President, Tim Meyerhoff, comments on it as follows: “MNI strives to put nutrition at the heart of patient care and this website is meant to provide for useful information to help patients, their families and carers to better understand how parenteral nutrition - under the supervision of healthcare professionals - could be provided at home or in a community setting.”

In the website you will find patient testimonials, from whom one can learn how home parenteral nutrition has helped them to improve their daily life: for instance, Paul told us that he can still travel around the world and Steve can keep playing the guitar with his band at concerts, despite the need to carry their intravenous feeding with them at all times.

In the words of Léa Coulet, MNI Executive Director: “Home parenteral nutrition may improve the quality of life of patients that require long-life intravenous feeding. With this website MNI intends to contribute to informing the public about the value of nutritional care at home and which solutions are available to patients.”

Disclaimer: please consult your healthcare professional to ask for specific guidance on home parenteral nutrition.


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The Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) is the voice of the medical nutrition industry at international level. MNI gathers companies that offer specialised nutritional solutions and services designed to meet the diverse nutritional needs of patients. We strive to put nutrition at the heart of patient care and we aim at an environment that provides fair access to nutritional care throughout the world. MNI is dedicated to advancing better care through better nutrition, across all ages and healthcare settings.

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