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New IRU TIR-EPD application improves user interface and functionalities


16 Apr 2013



IRU TIR-EPD – the web-based application for submitting TIR pre-declarations free of charge – has been upgraded with a new more user-friendly interface, providing a uniform process of sending electronic TIR information to Customs authorities regardless of the transport itinerary.

Geneva – Building on the successful IRU TIR Electronic Pre-Declaration (IRU TIR-EPD) application evidenced by its growing geographical coverage and ever-increasing number of users, the IRU has developed a brand new, easy to use interface, which is now available. The new and improved IRU TIR-EPD app will simplify the process of sending advance cargo information electronically, all while fulfilling Customs authorities’ requirements.

This brand new IRU TIR-EPD app notably includes the following new features:

  • Auto-calculation

Once the user has entered the complete itinerary of the transport operation into the system, the application automatically calculates to which Customs authorities pre-declarations can be sent, and then displays data fields for entering mandatory information to be submitted to the respective Customs authorities.

  • Quick access to commodity codes

The new app integrates commodity codes with corresponding goods descriptions from TARIC* and TN VED** databases, which helps users quickly select the right code, while respecting Customs requirements. Users can also automatically add a description for the goods in both Latin and Cyrillic characters if needed.

  • Search made easy

The whole process is much easier now with the new search function, especially when selecting Customs offices from a drop-down list containing hundreds of entries.

IRU Head of TIR Department, Marek Retelski, said, “IRU TIR-EPD saves time and money by facilitating the goods flow along the supply chain while ensuring transport security. I can only encourage more TIR Carnets Holders to make full use of this free of charge service! I also encourage Customs authorities to implement dedicated TIR-EPD Green Lanes to further facilitate and secure the movement of goods, as called for in the Harmonization Convention.”



* The online customs tariff database, also called the TARIC, is a multilingual database in which are integrated all measures relating to tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation of the European Union.

** Commodity Nomenclature of the Foreign Economic Activity of the Russian Federation.


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