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Neo-liberal fanaticism will destroy euro; two-pack lacks vital growth and solidarity measures


12 Jun 2012


Euro & Finance

Key EU responses to the crisis are perceived by citizens as attacks on democracy rather than useful instruments of economic policy coordination, German MEP Jürgen Klute said in this morning's European Parliament debate on the "two-pack" economic governance legislation.

"The German Government is openly threatening Greek citizens with expulsion from the Eurozone, should they not vote the "right" way in Sunday's election. These humiliating and undemocratic threats must stop. In a situation in which the euro crisis is worsening dramatically, we must offer solutions, not threats."

Klute called for solidarity to put the Eurozone back on "a growth track" and concluded that "strong countries in Europe must stop their self-satisfied finger-pointing and start doing their homework and invest in growth."

"These proposals confirm that there seems to be a ban on anti-crisis measures in Europe" said Portuguese MEP Marisa Matias. "We strongly oppose this view of Europe that maintains anti-social and pro-cyclical economic and budgetary policies, annihilating the European social model."

"The deterioration of the situation and the way it is spreading to other economies is pushing us to the point of no return. This neo-liberal fanaticism will lead us to the end of the euro".

The GUE/NGL will vote tomorrow against both the Gauzes and Ferreira reports.

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