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Moldovan government is working to strengthen its integration with Europe, say S&Ds


03 Oct 2017


Global Europe

Strasbourg, 3 October 2017

During the debate on the situation in Moldova in the European Parliament this afternoon, S&D vice-president Victor Boştinaru MEP said:
"Many in this House are accusing the Moldovan government of complicity with the pro-Russian Moldovan president Igor Dodon. But let’s look at some facts:

1. The Moldovan government sent some troops to the drills organised by NATO in Ukraine in response to Russia's Zapad 17 military exercise. This was done despite the opposition of the president.
2. The president of Moldova twice rejected proposals for a new minister of defence, leaving the post vacant.
3. The government of Moldova called for Russian troops to leave Transnistria and invited the international community to push for this longstanding frozen conflict to be addressed.
4. The government of Moldova declared the Russian deputy prime minister persona non grata.
5. Even more importantly, the Moldovan government is working to amend the constitution in order to make European integration the strategic orientation of the Republic of Moldova.
"Looking at these and other facts, let me say that it is not the government of Moldova that is mistaken, but those who speak in this House about the complicity between the government and the president of Moldova.
"And let's also be clear about those who are manipulating the electoral law reform. Do you find it problematic that Moldova introduced a system based on the German one? Or that it was adopted by a three-quarters majority, including the two biggest parties? Or that most of the Venice Commission recommendations were taken on board?
"Do you understand that by pushing so much and by isolating and destabilising Moldova, you risk undermining all this and offering this country to Russia for free?"

S&D spokesperson for foreign affairs Knut Fleckenstein MEP said:
"We need to focus on what really matters for Moldovan citizens. After a prolonged political and economic crisis, Moldova is back on track, the reform process in line with the association agreement/deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (AA/DCFTA) has been resumed, and – as the IMF has also recognised – the economic situation has stabilised and now shows encouraging signs of improvement. We encourage the Moldovan government  to continue and intensify its efforts to improve living conditions for all Moldovans.




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