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Mobility 2.0 live at Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010


25 Mar 2010



The Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010 features the world’s largest most varied and extensive demonstrations of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies and applications, held in and around Amsterdam 23-26 March 2010. The Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems (CVIS) Project is one of Europe’s flagship projects for cooperative mobility, providing a universal platform for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication and services. Co-financed by the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, CVIS brings together over 60 leading industrial, government, operator and research organisations from across Europe.

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CVIS is co-organiser with the SAFESPOT and COOPERS projects of this unique event that presents the final results of Europe’s cooperative systems research programme. The Showcase combines on-road demonstrations, a dedicated conference and an exhibition in its own hall, all at Amsterdam RAI.

What is Cooperative Mobility? It means the interconnection of vehicles and infrastructure, to create and share new kinds of information, leading to a better cooperation amongst drivers, vehicles and roadside systems. This will have profound effects on the safety and efficiency of the road network, on environmental impact and will stimulate a wave of innovative applications for driver assistance and comfort.

A key achievement of CVIS is its flexible and open implementation platform and accompanying development tools. Using this universal solution anyone can develop and market a CVIS compatible application, allowing for truly innovative products and services. CVIS demonstrates in Amsterdam an “ITS App Store” with over 25 applications and services for the driver, for road operators and traffic managers and for commercial vehicle operators.

Visitors to Amsterdam can take a ride in one of the fleet of demonstration minivans, to experience applications such as “virtual VMS”, or traffic sign messages on the dashboard; online parking space availability and reservation; wrong-way driver detection and warning; green light speed advice; and social networking for drivers and ride-share passengers. COOPERS applications also on show during the public road tour include accident and roadworks warning and lane utilisation message.

An off-road safety demonstration area features four zones where advanced cooperative safety applications developed by SAFESPOT are on show including frontal collision and slippery road warnings; safe following distance and lane change warnings; and cooperative intersection safety systems.

The Cooperative Traffic Management Centre of the future is on show in Hall 9 at Amsterdam RAI. Here visitors can see strategic routing, virtual VMS and advanced vehicle and traffic monitoring as they will appear to a traffic manager in the year 2020.

The Showcase Conference opens on 24 March with introductions from European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes, Dutch Secretary General of Rijkswaterstaat Siebe Riedtra and Elisabeth Post, North-Holland Provincial Deputy. Three executive round tables explore the dialogue amongst elected policy makers, industry solution providers and users’ representatives. Thursday 25 March is an “A to Z” of the key results from CVIS, SAFESPOT and COOPERS projects, from the latest vehicle communication technologies to lessons learned from real life trials on project test sites across Europe. On Friday 25 March the Showcase concludes with executive sessions looking at the long-range vision of cooperative mobility and how to overcome the practical challenges to bring these systems into the market and onto the roads of Europe.

Paul Kompfner, CVIS Coordinator, says, “Our goal was ambitious: to prepare the foundations for a safer, more efficient and sustainable mobility, enabled by innovative solutions for vehicle-infrastructure communication and cooperation. We hope visitors will come away from the Showcase with their own vision of how we can achieve a better future in the transport and travel domain, and with the intention to work together to realize that vision.”

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Paul Kompfner

Head of Sector, ERTICO – ITS Europe

Tel. +32 2 400 0700

Ariane Brusselmans

Communications Manager


Notes to the Editor

About ERTICO – ITS Europe
ERTICO – ITS Europe, a multi-sector partnership dedicated to the development and deployment of intelligent transportation systems and services (ITS). ERTICO supports the implementation of ITS solutions to achieve safe, efficient, clean, secure and affordable cooperative mobility in the EU and beyond.

About the CVIS (Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System) project
CVIS is an integrated R&D project co-funded by the European Union under the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) priority of the Sixth Framework Programme for Research. With a budget of over €40 million and a consortium of over 60 leading industrial, public and academic organisations, CVIS will complete its 4-year programme in June 2010. CVIS is coordinated by ERTICO-ITS Europe.

The CVIS project has designed and developed, and will now test the technologies that enable vehicles to communicate directly with other vehicles and with local traffic management systems. CVIS has created a mobile router with multiple communication interfaces, innovative positioning techniques and supporting services for the deployment of application. CVIS’ achievements are applied in test sites in seven countries across Europe, to increase road safety and efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of road transport.


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