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"MEPs - veto SWIFT! Don't support big brother's little sister" - Bisky


11 Feb 2010

Arguing for the protection of personal data and privacy today in the European Parliament debate on the transfer of bank data to the US, GUE/NGL President Lothar Bisky called on MEPs to veto the agreement on privacy grounds. 

"The Swift agreement was reached following a rather dubious process in an attempt to circumvent the Parliament before the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. It seems we're being asked to nod through 'big brother's little sister' but it is wrong to allow such extensive access to data banks because it means that people will no longer have self determination over their own personal data. The fact that the deadline for this agreement has been set doesn't mean data won't continue to be stored" he said.

"We need to fight terrorism and its causes but not at the price of fundamental rights, if you give up these democratic rights then why fight terrorism?"

"I've heard a lot about the European Union as a community of values. We are now sweeping them under the carpet and the GUE/NGL group will not agree to that."


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