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MEPs called today for mandatory anti-harassment training for all, including themselves!


16 Dec 2021



EU institutions must lead by example in fighting sexual harassment in the workplace. That is why the Socialists and Democrats push for stronger measures of prevention of all forms of harassment, notably sexual harassment in the European Parliament. In particular, the resolution, which was adopted today, calls for mandatory anti-harassment training for all Members and staff, available in all official languages.

Sexual harassment is an extreme form of gender-based discrimination, which affects women and girls disproportionately. 90% of victims of sexual harassment are female. Up to 55% of women have been sexually harassed in the EU, and 32% of all victims in the EU said the perpetrator was a superior, colleague or customer. These numbers are even higher when you ask women in the services sector - namely 61% have been sexually harassed, and that rises to 75% of women working in top management or high qualification jobs.

The S&Ds call on the Commission to promote measures against harassment and to further enhance gender equality in all EU agencies and bodies.

Evelyn Regner, S&D MEP and chair of the European Parliament's committee on women’s rights and gender equality (FEMM), said:

“Harassment exists everywhere and EU institutions are not exceptions. Three years after the MeToo movement started, the European Parliament must finally lead by example. I am very happy that the majority of this house supported today the call to take concrete steps to end this horrible reality for women and I also want to thank the MeTooEP movement, as well as the cross-party support from the FEMM members. Our position is clear: harassment and especially sexual harassment experienced in a workplace, constitutes a violation of human rights and a serious attack on a person’s psychological and physical health! 

“Our Parliament is not only an important political institution, but also a workplace for thousands of people. We need to ensure that in the EP, we have zero-tolerance towards any form of harassment and that victims are supported, know where to go and that perpetrators face consequences. 

“In two previous resolutions, we had already called for mandatory anti-harassment trainings - but so far they were only voluntary and, shamefully, only a quarter of all Members have participated in one of these basic trainings. We can and will have to do better than this! These trainings must be mandatory, because voluntary measures are not enough! It is high time that we eradicate any form of harassment.”