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Medicines for Europe members publish disclosure of Transfers of Value to the healthcare community


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  • Today, there is a requirement to publish disclosure of transfers of value as defined by the Medicines for Europe Code of Conduct as a rule of membership of our trade association.
  • This disclosure marks a milestone in Medicines for Europe’s commitment to transparency in its interactions with the healthcare community.

Medicines for Europe is committed to bringing accessible, high quality medicines to patients across Europe. Already today our industry supplies 63% of dispensed medicines in Europe.

As part of our commitment to improve public health, Medicines for Europe and its members regularly engage and collaborate with the stakeholder community, including healthcare professionals and patient representatives. This enables us to deliver accessible healthcare solutions that work best for our stakeholders, and ultimately contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems across Europe. Disclosure of transfers of value related to these interactions enables the industry, healthcare professionals and patient organisations to jointly promote shared values of transparency, integrity, accountability and collaboration.
All Medicines for Europe corporate members, including the corporate members of our national associations, are required to disclose according to the trade association Code of Conduct. Where national legislation or rules already require this, companies must follow the law of the specific Member State and of the Medicines for Europe code (in cases where our rules are stricter).
In accordance with the Medicines for Europe Code of Conduct, disclosure is to be made on an annual basis and each reporting period covers the previous calendar year. The first reporting period is calendar year 2017, with disclosures published by June 30, 2018. The information will be published on the website of each member and will be accessible to the public. Where disclosure is made through a national authority database, the information will be available on that authority’s website.
The Medicines for Europe Code of Conduct and information on the disclosure by our association are available on our website.
Medicines for Europe
Medicines for Europe represents the generic, biosimilar and value added medicines industries across Europe. Its vision is to provide sustainable access to high quality medicines, based on 5 important pillars: patients, quality, value, sustainability and partnership. Its members employ 160,000 people at over 350 manufacturing and R&D sites in Europe, and invest up to 17% of their turnover in medical innovation. Medicines for Europe member companies across Europe are both increasing access to medicines and driving improved health outcomes. They play a key role in creating sustainable European healthcare systems by continuing to provide high quality, effective generic medicines, whilst also innovating to create new biosimilar medicines and bringing to market value added medicines, which deliver better health outcomes, greater efficiency and/or improved safety in the hospital setting for patients. For more information please follow us at and on Twitter @medicinesforEU.


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