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Marisa Matias votes against own ECB report following unacceptable right-wing amendments


17 Apr 2013


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Euro & Finance

Amendments inserted in defence of the actions of the Troika, in GUE/NGL MEP Marisa Matias's report on the ECB, have forced her to withdraw her name from and vote against the report.

The report concerns the activities of the ECB in 2011. Following amendments inserted by the right-wing EPP group that crossed several of the rapporteur's red lines, the final version of the report does not include provisions for the accountability of the ECB as a member of the Troika. Similarly, no reference to the ECB's gains from the adjustment programmes is set to be included.

"The debate on the ECB divides us because it is our lives we're talking about. This report was constructive, proposed alternatives to exit the crisis, and suggested improvements. It praised but also criticised the ECB. The choice we have to make is simple: do we want an ECB at the service of the economy and society or at the service of financial speculation? The amendments adopted today made ​​clear the path chosen by the majority of MEPs" Matias said.


Matias stressed that, despite recent changes, the report still retained several of the ideas contained in the initial report, such as conditionality for banks, transparency, and accountability of the ECB, the strengthening of the European budget, the objectives of growth and employment, and criticism of recessionary policies such as the slashing of public spending.



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