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London Bridge Station upgraded with Vacuum Insulation Panels



BRUSSELS, 29 May 2019 - London Bridge Station, one of oldest operating railway stations in the world, handling 56 million passengers every year, went through a 1£bn refurbishment process between 2012 and 2018. This case study shows how vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) contributed to this project bringing outstanding thermal performance and slim thickness. 

Some of the retail units constructed on the lower concourse of the station were situated directly above uninsulated platform space. For this reason specifiers required an insulation solution which could provide the required thermal performance as well as minimal thickness in order to avoid the need for a step-up from the outer concourse. Thanks to the use of VIPs, the floor construction depth was minimised, providing an even transition for passersby entering from the concourse.
Ralph O. Mannion, Managing Director Kingspan Insulation and Board member of VIPA International stated: "we were very pleased to contribute to the renovation of one of London's most iconic stations with a very innovative and versatile product which was able to improve the thermal performance without compromising on the space. Vacuum insulation panels were a perfect fit for the renovation of the station's concourse and retail units."
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