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Locating secure truck parking areas in Europe


26 Oct 2010



The implementation of the results of the EC-funded LABEL project on truck parking area labelling scheme is handed over to the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the International Transport Forum (ITF).

Brussels – At a conference jointly organised today by the European Commission (EC) and the Belgian EU Presidency in Brussels on “Improving European Truck Parking“, the IRU and the ITF were transferred the responsibility of becoming the implementing bodies of the European Commission’s LABEL project which, after 3 years of operation and funding by the European Commission, has resulted in a truck parking area (TPA) labelling scheme for Europe.

IRU and ITF have pledged to jointly operate, maintain and further develop LABEL in a sustainable format through the TRANSPark web-based platform developed by the two organisations to provide online information on TPAs’ availability, location and parking site facilities in 40 countries.

Furthermore, the IRU and ITF have emphasised the pressing need for the establishment of more secure TPAs and the dissemination of information on the location of existing secure parking areas in order to greatly reduce security risks for all actors involved in commercial road transport.

IRU Head of Goods Transport & Facilitation, Peter Krausz, said: “Implementing the output of the LABEL project jointly with the ITF is a perfect example of constructive public-private partnership, whereby the interests of industry and governments coincide in identifying the location of parking areas and developing more secure TPAs in practically all EU Member States in order to increase driver, vehicle and cargo security as well as improve basic conditions for observing strict social rules on driving and rest times of professional drivers.”

In order to guarantee a stable framework for such activities, the IRU and the ITF will jointly develop an implementation scheme, including International and National TPA Assessment Committees, as well as TRANSPark that beyond its present e-registration and search tools, would host new facilities such as the labelling scheme.

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