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LightingEurope welcomes the initiative of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) that the “use of tolerances” should be subjected to improved governance


18 Dec 2015


Climate & Environment

“In 2012 LightingEurope informed the European Commission and others stakeholders including the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) that we see the current regulation is not practicable” said Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary General of LightingEurope. The European Commission is planning a harmonization of all existing lighting regulation and LightingEurope sees this as the right moment to address this matter again in the ongoing regulatory process. In the context of the harmonization process EU Commission is analysing which products shall be banned from the EU market in the coming years.

LightingEurope members strive to operate strictly within the regulations. “We want to ensure a level playing field” added de Stoppelaar. LightingEurope calls upon the European Commission and the Market Surveillance Authorities of member states to improve the governing of the relevant regulations to create a level playing field for compliant businesses.

Improvements in technology have reduced the energy consumption of the modern lamp by 90% or more in recent years and the industry continues to support a drive for better quality and lower energy consumption. LightingEurope will continue to work with the European Commission in improving legislation for the benefit of all lighting consumers.

About Lighting Europe

Lighting Europe is an industry association of 31 European lighting manufacturers, national associations, and companies producing materials. LightingEurope members represent over 1,000 European companies, a majority of which are SMEs; a total workforce of over 100,000 people in Europe; and an annual turnover estimated to exceed 20 billion Euros. LightingEurope is dedicated to promoting efficient lighting practices for the benefit of the global environment, human comfort, and the health and safety of consumers. More information about LightingEurope is available on our website

For further information please contact: Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary General of LightingEurope, M: +32471028322,


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