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Latin America’s Top 10 Airports: Ranking Passenger-Friendly Airports


03 Jul 2020



Sao Paulo, BR –  Today, the Consumer Choice Center launched its Latin American Airport Index, highlighting the top 10 airports in Latin America ranked by passenger-friendliness and looking at the 30 largest airports.

The index is the first of its kind in Latin America and should be used to inform both consumers and administrators as to who is doing the best job accomodating passengers. We hope that, in light of travel disruptions due to COVID-19, this index will help travelers to pick destinations and connecting points. 

The top 5 airports according to the study are Mexico City Benito JuarezGuayaquil in Ecuador, Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos, Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría in Costa Rica, and Aeropuerto Internacional de Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.




Fabio Fernandes, Media Associate of the Consumer Choice Center and co-author of the study, said the ranking demonstrates the power of offering both practicality and comfort at major airports.

"As any traveler knows, many airports struggle with passenger peaks in high-season, and that experience trickles down to everyone who takes a flight. We will all be stressed once we start flying again as COVID-19 has truly disrupted traveling. High points were awarded to the airports that offered great destinations around the world, but also a healthy mix of shops, restaurants, and conveniences found at the airport.

"The point system we developed for this index provides great insight into what airports you should consider using on your next trip, whether for holiday or work," said Fernandes.

"In order to prevent a negative passenger experience and pick the optimal hubs for future trips, we examined Latin America’s 30 largest airports (by passenger volume) and ranked them in terms of passenger experience, ranked according to a mix of factors ranging from location and transportation options to in-airport experience and flight network access," said Fernandes.

"Other factors determined in the ranking included direct jet bridges, rather than bus boarding, proximity to the city center, and the number of lounges," said Fernandes.

The full report is available HERE

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