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KRAHMER: More Safety for Europe’s Patients


21 Dec 2010


Health & Consumers

In the European Union there is a recognizable increase of Falsified Medicines. Tomorrow, the Council is expected to formally adopt a directive on Falsified Medicines, based on a text agreed following negotiations with the European Parliament last week. Medicines are supposed to bear Safety Features, such as tamper evidence (e.g. holograms) which can identify individual packs of medicines (e.g. by a serial number).

“The result is a very important step towards patient’s safety. It contains reasonable and effective measures,” says Holger Krahmer, spokesperson for the Liberal Democrat group (ALDE) on the subject.

A compromise has also been reached on the scope of which medicines shall bear the safety features. Instead of having safety features on both prescriptive and non-prescriptive medicines, only those which are at risk of being falsified bear the safety features.

“Not every Aspirin need bear a costly safety feature. It is essential to secure those medicines which are at risk of falsification. That usually does not include low-priced non-prescriptive medicines.”

Another improvement to the text of the directive is the introduction of compulsory recall systems in the member states. In case of the identification of falsified medicines having entered the supply chain, patients who are in possession of such medicines shall be identified and warned immediately. Also important measures have been agreed on internet sales in order to protect patients from dubious sources on the internet.

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