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24 May 2023


Climate & Environment

Brussels, 23 May 2023 - Today, the European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market  and Consumer Protection (IMCO) adopted its position on the proposal for a revised  Construction Products Regulation (CPR) under the leadership of the rapporteur Christian  Doleschal (EPP). 

In line with our November joint statement, we express our appreciation of the following: 

  • The proposed new rules for a more efÞcient standardisation process, and the clearly  deÞned conditions under which the European Commission (EC) can intervene,
  • The new repeal dates for Art. 2-9, 11, 27-28 for an easier transition from the current to  the revised CPR, 
  • The deletion of the possibility for the EC to set penalties via “delegated acts” in case  of non-compliance with the CPR. 

However, we would request: 

  • The exclusion of the “deinstallation” of construction products and of all references to  “services” from the scope (and not only of the “direct installation”), as these could  potentially cover activities applying to contractors and thus create legal uncertainty, 
  • A different procedure than “delegated acts” for setting rules on green public  procurement contracts, with more power given to Member States in this Þeld,  A clearer deÞnition of the relationship between the current CPR Technical Acquis  Process and the proposed “Working Plan for Transition”, 
  • SimpliÞed, pragmatic procedures where manufacturers are responsible and trusted for  their declarations. 

We remain at the disposal of Members of the European Parliament for further information  ahead of the plenary vote scheduled for July.  

We, the construction ecosystem, representing the second largest European industry,  emphasize the paramount importance of establishing a stable and reliable framework  for construction products in the EU, after 10 years after the entry into force of the current  rules. Clarity and certainty for all actors of the construction value chain is urgently  needed.


About the organisations  

Founded in 1905, the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) represents via its  32 national member federations in 27 countries (24 EU & Norway, Switzerland, and Ukraine)  construction enterprises of all sizes, i.e., small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well  as “global players”, carrying out all forms of building and civil engineering activities. – www.Þ 

Founded in 1988, Construction Products Europe is a Brussels-based international nonproÞt making association. The association is made up of national and European associations that  represent SMEs and world-leading companies. Construction Products Europe aims to promote  the European construction industry, to share information on EU legislation and standardisation  and to provide input in all European construction-related initiatives. – 

Founded in 1990, the European Builders Confederation (EBC) is the European umbrella  organisation representing national associations of crafts, micro, and small and medium-sized  enterprises working in the construction sector. EBC is a member of SMEunited (the European  association of microenterprises and SMEs). – 

Founded in 2013, Small Business Standards (SBS) is the European association that  represents and defends SMEs’ interests in the standardisation process at European and  international levels. SBS is co-Þnanced by the European Union and EFTA. –




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