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ISIS crimes labelled as genocide by the European Parliament


04 Feb 2016


Regional Policy

On the EPP Group's initiative, the abuse and persecution against Christians, Yazidis and other religious and ethnic minorities by the so-called ISIS/Daesh have been recognised by the European Parliament as genocide. In a Resolution adopted today, MEPs call on the UN Security Council to take action for recognising it as such.

"It is an historical decision. Elected parliamentarians from 28 countries representing over 500 million inhabitants have sent a clear signal to the Member States, the European Commission and the international community to act and to do so in accordance with the principle of 'responsibility to protect'", said Swedish EPP Group MEP Lars Adaktusson, who initiated today's decision in Strasbourg.

"This is also a decision that aims to help restore the dignity of the millions of victims affected by ISIS' barbaric crimes. It is of course also significant that this is the first time the European Parliament has recognised an ongoing genocide", underlined Adaktusson.

The Resolution underlines that those who intentionally, for ethnic or religious reasons, conspire, plan, incite, commit or attempt to commit, are complicit or support atrocities, should be brought to justice and prosecuted for violations of international law, notably war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.


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