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IRU to address increasing liabilities in road transport contractual relations


15 Nov 2011



The 9th IRU Symposium of Lawyers will address the evolution of contractual relations in road transport and the increasing liabilities of road carriers.

Geneva – The IRU next Symposium of Lawyers will be held this year on 24 February 2012 in Geneva. The IRU Symposium will bring together lawyers, academics, insurers, road transport operators and representatives of governments as well as international organisations that specialise in trade, logistics, transport and insurance issues to review contractual relations and increasing liabilities in road transport.

Leading road transport law practitioners and academics from across the globe will discuss the significant changes to the economic, legal and contractual environment for road transport operators that occurred over the past decade, including:

• the new legal framework and increasingly complex regulations;

• the rise of passenger rights in road transport law;

• extended liabilities and guarantees for the transport of goods by road; and,

• general conditions for the international transport of passengers and goods by road.

National case studies on evidence and management of the increasing liability of road carriers will also be presented in order to provide a practical overview and analysis of the changing legal environment for road transport operators, as well as best practices for carriers to address such changes and remain competitive. 


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