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International Labour Day: Workers unite and unite Europe!


30 Apr 2019


Social Europe & Jobs
The twisted impact of digital innovations on the labour market, low wages, worsening working conditions, and widespread precariousness give us today as many reasons as in 1886 to celebrate the International Workers Day and point out the need for workers to unite against the few who own most of the world wealth. Social justice and democracy at the workplace are yet to be achieved.
The prevailing conservative parties protecting the interests of capitalists are undermining trade unions’ achievements all over the world. We must fight back the ongoing and well-masked attempts to divide workers and society.
Vis à vis global challenges, the EU should offer us the best level of social protection and react with strong legislation to protect workers and respond effectively to the demands of people who’ve been taking the streets in many countries.
Youth unemployment is still far too high and blocks their way into building a decent existence within our societies. Elderly people need more than perspective of longer working age and precarious jobs.
We continue to demand full binding implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. 18 months after its proclamation, working people in the EU are still waiting for palpable change.
Real social change is needed if we do not want to lose the support of working people to the European project and to democracy in general. More European legislation is needed and social dialogue shall be complemented by civil dialogue with Civil Society Organisations.
Nationalistic and right wing demagogues and pyromaniacs pretend to offer national solutions. But these solutions do not work. The social challenges need European and global solutions.
The upcoming European elections will determine on the future path of Europe. If those elect will not respond to these challenges with a bold agenda for social progress, regulating the few and delivering solutions for the many, that future will be bleak. Yet the future is to be designed in a progressive way and not in a roll-back.
On this 1st of May 2019 and the 100th anniversary of the ILO, we call to stand together again, workers, unions and progressive civil society, instead of falling into the trap of division of those who want to destroy our rights and social achievements, and the EU with it.



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