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Inspirational founder of Fight Bladder Cancer Andrew Winterbottom dies age 65


04 Jun 2019


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Andrew Winterbottom, the founder of Fight Bladder Cancer.
Andrew died on May 31st after a diagnosis of bowel cancer in 2018.
In October 2018 Andrew Winterbottom revealed he had a terminal diagnosis and stepped down from his day-to-day management of the charity to concentrate on his own health. He had chemotherapy which he undertook to prolong his quality of life and continued to participate in planning the future of Fight Bladder Cancer when his health allowed.
Lydia Makaroff, Chief Executive of Fight Bladder Cancer said:
“Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Tracy and all of Andrew’s family. He will be profoundly missed by everyone who knew him. It is a huge achievement to have founded this charity for fellow patients. It has provided love, comfort, information and support to thousands of bladder cancer patients and their families. Our future work at Flight Bladder Cancer will be his legacy.”  
Since he began the charity after his bladder cancer diagnosis in 2009, his determination and courage have been an inspiration to many. His campaigning passion and immense compassion for patients saw him forge strategic relationships around the world and particularly in Europe where he was an active member of the board at European Cancer Patient Coalition. He represented bladder cancer patients in Europe and the UK, forging relationships with the pharmaceutical industry, particularly over clinical trials.  
He launched ‘Bubbles for Bladder Cancer’, now an annual global event each May, and recently attended the inaugural meeting of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition which he was instrumental in creating.
It is poignant that he died on the last day Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, which he saw develop into a global movement.
Today Fight Bladder Cancer supports thousands of patients and their families every year. There are currently over 4,000 people using the support forum regularly.
Andrew was a man full of creativity. Before his death, an Andrew Winterbottom Memorial Fund was founded to enable ideas benefitting bladder cancer patients to become a reality.  
Andrew, who was 65 years old is survived by his wife Tracy, his children and grandchildren.
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More about Bladder Cancer
Some facts: Bladder cancer is not a rare cancer, even though it is hardly ever talked about.
  • 18,000 people are diagnosed with invasive and non-invasive bladder cancer each year in England alone (Kockelbergh, et al. 2017. J Clin Urol, 10(1S) 3–8)
  • Of 200 cancers, bladder cancer is the 5th most common in Europe. For men, it is actually the 4th most common. (Ferlay, et al. 2018. Eur J Cancer, 108: 356-387)
  • The majority of people diagnosed with bladder cancer are over 60 years old, but increasingly people of all ages, from children to teenagers, young adults to the middle
  • Despite this high occurrence, it receives less than 1% of the funding for cancer research.
  • It is the only cancer today where prognosis is actually getting worse. The 5-year survival rate in Europe for men with bladder cancer is 69%, but only 62% for women

The symptoms

The main things to look for are
  • Blood in your urine, no matter how much or how many times
  • A need to urinate more often or with a sudden urgency
  • Urinary infections that don’t clear up
About Fight Bladder Cancer
When Andrew Winterbottom had his bladder cancer diagnosis in 2009, he was shocked to discover there was no support of any kind focused on bladder cancer. He made it his mission to make sure that no one in his position should ever feel alone.
Today Fight Bladder Cancer is a national organisation operating from its headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK. It is involved in support, awareness, advocacy and research. 
Its confidential Forum has over 4,000 active members. The charity’s work is patient-focused, but it is used by many leading urologists, oncologists, specialist nurses and researchers nationally and internationally. Its website currently receives well over 200,000 unique visitors a year making it by far the largest bladder cancer charity in Europe.
Andrew Winterbottom Bladder Cancer Campaigner