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25 Apr 2013

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 – Brussels – During a meeting today in the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship welcomed industry’s recent declaration on the harmonisation of mobile phone chargers.

Eight DIGITALEUROPE members, all leaders in the mobile phone market, have declared their intention to continue supplying chargers to the EU market until the end of 2013, which conform to the 2009 MoU on common chargers.
DIGITALEUROPE believes that European buyers of new mobile phones this year will be able to charge their device with most chargers bought with another mobile phone.

DIGITALEUROPE's director Klaus-Dieter Axt explains: "Manufacturers have made tremendous progress in harmonising a fragmented market in only a few short years. But today's phones are a world away from those of 2009 and the technical details of the original MoU are aging rapidly. The power needs of most modern phones are more demanding and charger leads have other purposes too, like data transfer. We need to move to a better and more modern way of maintaining this harmonisation. That is why several DIGITALEUROPE members committed in December 2012 to work with established standards bodies on charger harmonisation for the next generation of mobile phones. In this way, tomorrow's consumers can be confident of a sustainable harmonised market of mobile phone chargers for years to come".


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