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Industrial CHP supports Europe’s industry in the economic crisis


28 Feb 2013


Trade & Society
Key role for industrial CHP in addressing current economic crisis

Cogeneration in industry currently saves Europe around 15 million Toe of energy imports each year. However as Europe works its way out of an economic crisis, industries are under ever more pressure to concentrate on their core activities. While some governments implementing sectoral specific and short-sighted policy actions, are we on the verge to witness an erosion of Europe’s valuable industrial cogeneration base?
COGEN Europe believes that a more pragmatic and business oriented approach in EU and national policies is needed. Fiona Riddoch, Managing Director of COGEN Europe, said that “cogeneration is the best available technology in terms of efficiency in several sectors but there is an overhead in cost to running such a facility. Particularly at a time where fuel prices are in flux across the globe, industries are having to take tough decisions near term.”
This year COGEN Europe’s Annual Conference will focus on industry, innovation and the European economy. Araceli Fernandez Pales from the International Energy Agency, and who will be speaking at the conference, emphasises that “there is great potential for energy savings through an increased penetration of CHP applications in industrial sectors, especially in heat demand-intensive industrial processes, such as the chemicals and petrochemicals sector. The IEA estimates that in the OECD European countries about 8% -or 200 Peta Joule- of these two sectors’ 2010 final energy use -excluding feedstock- could be saved by the wide use of cogeneration. In an environment of increasing energy prices, cogeneration can play a relevant role in helping reduce the energy costs of key industrial processes.“
The IEA and other high level organisations will address the issue of both the near and the long term challenges for industries and what that it actually means for European energy and industry policy during the COGEN Europe Annual Conference (18-19 April in Brussels). More information on this event can be found on


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Dr Fiona Riddoch, Managing Director
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Stefan Craenen, Communications Manager
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About cogeneration:
Cogeneration (also known as CHP or Combined Heat and Power) is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity. 11% of Europe’s electricity and associated heat requirements today are produced using this proven energy efficiency principle. The estimated growth potential for cogeneration is a further 110-120 GWe which will lead to an improved environment and greater economic competitiveness in Europe. Cogeneration units can be found in different sizes and applications: industry, households and tertiary sector and spans applications with capacities ranging from below 1kw to hundreds of Megawatts. It is a highly efficient energy solution that delivers energy savings and substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. When seriously supported, as in Denmark, CHP has the potential to increase the energy production and transformation system overall efficiency from a bare 33% (EU average) up to 65%. Realising the potential of cogeneration in Europe will contribute significantly to reaching the strategic climate and energy goals, such as security of supply, energy efficiency and reduction of emissions.
About COGEN Europe:
COGEN Europe is the European association for the promotion of cogeneration. We represent 70 organisations which are National COGEN Associations, manufacturers, users, utilities and service companies. Currently around 100,000 Europeans are employed in the cogeneration sector. More info on




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