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Inclusion with equal opportunities benefits society as a whole


24 Nov 2020


Social Europe & Jobs

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today welcomed the 2021-2027 Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion that promotes equal opportunities for migrants in education, employment, health and housing.

The S&D Group is calling on member states to work with all stakeholders to deliver the action plan, presented earlier by S&D Commissioner Ylva Johansson, and to make full and effective use of EU funding in their efforts.

Kati Piri MEP, S&D vice-president on migration, said:

“The EU’s 2021-2027 action plan is a welcome effort from the Commission to take a longer-term outlook to improve the inclusion and integration of migrants and tackle discrimination in the EU. The action plan runs in parallel to the EU’s long-term budget which is a strong signal of the important role EU funding has to play. Member states and local and regional authorities have a number of EU programmes to rely on to support inclusion and integration, including the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, the European Social Fund +, the Regional Development Fund and Invest EU. As local and regional authorities are the main point of contact for migrants, alongside NGOs and migrant bodies, member states must work hand-in-hand with them to turn the plan into real action and use the funding sources available to make inclusion a reality.”

Birgit Sippel MEP, S&D spokesperson on migration, said:

“We welcome the Commission’s plan for inclusion and integration in the EU. Inclusion and integration benefit society as a whole, particularly when it translates into equal opportunities in terms of access to education, employment, health and housing. From early childhood to higher education, we have to act wherever attainment gaps exist in Europe. That is why we expect the Commission’s proposals on education to reverse the high underperformance and dropout rates in migrant communities, often linked to social exclusion and poverty. Major steps towards recognising the qualifications of third-country nationals in the EU are long needed and will overcome a long-standing problem that often leaves migrants in jobs for which they are over-qualified. We will be keeping a close eye on member states to make sure these proposals for action lead to positive outcomes for inclusion and integration.”



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