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Implementation of the Youth Guarantee: more engagement necessary


26 Feb 2014


Social Europe & Jobs
“The European Commission and the Member States should work harder on implementing the Youth Guarantee. Member States who failed to submit their plans should do so, while the European Commission should increase the speed and efficiency of the allocation of funds. Europe cannot afford to lose a whole generation. Millions of unemployed young people need immediate support. We must act,” said MEPs Csaba Őry, EPP Group Coordinator on employment and social affairs, and Joanna Skrzydlewska, Rapporteur on 'Tackling youth unemployment', following a debate on the subject in plenary today.
“The EPP Group welcomes the European Commission's commitment to fighting youth unemployment. However, we deeply regret the delayed implementation of the guarantee scheme. As youth unemployment is a problem that concerns all Member States, we find the exchange of best practice of utmost importance, and we support the Commission's guidance in this matter. However, we should not forget that employment policy is a competence primarily of the Member States,” said Csaba Őry.
We deeply regret the delayed implementation of the guarantee scheme
Csaba Őry MEP
“The €6bn dedicated to the Youth Guarantee scheme is a good start; on the other hand, it covers only one fourth of the funds needed. We therefore insist on frontloading the money, so that Member States can get the programmes off the ground. The EPP Group also regrets that we are still discussing plans, when we should already be discussing the Member States experience relating to the implementation of the scheme. Moreover, we would like to hear how the European Commission is planning to make the rules easier and more streamlined so that relevant stakeholders can access the funds in the easiest and most efficient way,” he stressed.
We need to ensure that as many young people as possible have better employment prospects by acting at both the EU and national level
Joanna Skrzydlewska MEP
“Undoubtedly the Youth Guarantee is a first and very important step towards stopping the growth of unemployment among young people, as well as promoting the active involvement of young unemployed, which has ultimately led to permanent employment. In my report on youth unemployment (adopted last September), I underlined that we need to ensure that as many young people as possible have better employment prospects by acting at both the EU and national level. We therefore expect that the European Commission will work closely with the Member States in implementing the Youth Guarantee. Furthermore, the involvement of stakeholders such as employer organisations, educational institutions and public authorities is necessary," said Joanna Skrzydlewska.
Background: youth unemployment reached worrying levels over the last years in the EU. The average EU rate is 23% while, in some Member States, more than half of young people have no work. This trend is more than alarming. EU countries endorsed the principle of the Youth Guarantee in April last year. By the end of 2013, out of 20 Member States, including the ones with unemployment rates above 25 %, 19 submitted plans to implement the Guarantee, which include specific solutions and reforms.
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 274 Members from 27 Member States.
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