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29 May 2013


Innovation & Enterprise
Sustainable Dev.

The LIFE+ project GREENING BOOKS, lead by LEITAT Technological Center aims at improving the environmental performance of the publishing sector, and reducing the environmental impact of books and magazines during all their life cycle.

EL TINTER, SIMPPLE and LEITAT have created different tools to help the publishing industry raise their competitiveness:  the software BookDAPer, the label bDAP and the Good practices Guidelines for Ecodesign on the publishing sector.


A GREENING BOOKS workshop will be held in the Delegation of the Catalan Government to the European Union, 227 Rue de Loi/Wetstraat in Brussels, the coming Monday June 3rd  from 10.00 am to 13.00 pm.


The event is addressed to all agents implied in a publication’s supply chain: suppliers (paper, inks, plates...), designers, printers, publishers, writers, booksellers, readers and other decision makers. 

GREENING BOOKS tools will be presented in order to demonstrate how useful they can be to assess, improve and communicate the environmental performance of a book or another publication.



10.00 Institutional Welcome

10.15 Overview of the GREENING BOOKS project. Marta Escamilla, LEITAT Technological Center

10.30 The environmental impact of the publications based on Life Cycle Assessment Gertri Ferrer, LEITAT Technological Center

11.00 Sustainable practises on the graphic sector. Successful case studies. Antonia Barba, EL TINTER

11.35 BookDAPer and bDAP, tools to measure and communicate the environmental performance of publications Julio Rodrigo, SIMPPLE

12.15 Questions and answers

12.30 Sandwich Lunch and Networking


All the attendees will receive the book “Good practices guidelines for Ecodesign on the publishing sector”.

The event is free of charge, for registrations please click here.


For more information visit or write to .




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