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Heat Pump City of the Year” 2011 winner


14 Apr 2011


Sustainable Dev.


The European Heat Pump Association is very pleased to announce the winner of the “Heat Pump City of the Year” award: the island of Bornholm, in Denmark. This award was unveiled at the European Sustainable Energy Week on Thursday 14 April.


Interested communities were invited to answer two main questions:

1.           What have you done to support the use of heat pump technology using renewable energy sources in your vicinity?

2.           How can you best describe the measure, its current status and its (expected) impact on energy savings, living comfort and the environment?


The island Bornholm has showcased successful support efforts towards a more widespread use of heat pump technology through a pilot project on intelligent heat pumps. The EcoGrid EU project will demonstrate the efficient operation of a distribution power system with high penetration of many and variable renewable energy resources – mainly wind and smart grid enabled heat pumps. The project is co-financed by the EU and is launched in spring 2011.


As technology using renewable energy sources, heat pumps use energy efficiently and can contribute to nearly all types of application where heating, cooling and hot water is needed. This is especially true for cities and regions, where widespread use of heat pump technology can help to balance the similar needs for heating and cooling in an efficient way.


EHPA is convinced that concerted action at local authorities’ level is key to this deployment. More generally, all stakeholders have to work together to lift this potential and to make heat pumps a core technology in a future sustainable energy mix.


Press contact:

Thomas Nowak

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Project contact:

Steen Kramer Jensen

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