Guy Verhofstadt presents the new edition of his latest book "Europe's Disease"


05 Apr 2016


Science & Policymaking

Guy Verhofstadt presents the new edition of his latest book "Europe's Disease". It contains a new chapter "Jihad in Europe". This is the fourth print run of the book.

You are invited to join him on
Thursday April 7 at 13:00
for a sandwich lunch
in the salon of the Résidence Palace.
Please RSVP to

Guy Verhofstadt will also comment on the recent attacks in Brussels and Paris:  "It will take more than solidarity to defeat this terrorist threat. We need an effective European response. After every recent terrorist atrocity in Europe, our leaders have admitted the exchange of information between national intelligence services could have been improved. This was very much the conclusion of the Paris attacks last year, yet when it's time to take those decisions, leaders argue that mandatory sharing goes too far. The European Union was able to adopt a European arrest warrant after 9/11 which will now be used to extradite Salah Abdeslam to France. Was this a violation of national sovereignty? To an extent it was, but every European has become safer because of it. Some sovereignty was pooled, but security has been enhanced."

* * * The Greek version of the book was published in February. The French version of the book will be published in May of this year. The American and English editions appear in January 2017 * * *


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