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GMO authorisation Scandalous authorisation of GM maize underlines need to overhaul EU approval procedure


16 Dec 2015


Health & Consumers

The European Parliament voted to object to a decision by the European Commission to authorise a new glyphosate-resistant GM maize variety (NK603 x T25) for use in the EU. Commenting after the vote, Green food safety spokesperson Bart Staes said:

“In objecting to the authorisation of this GM maize, MEPs have today issued a clear rebuke to the EU Commission over its decision to push ahead with the authorisation of genetically-modified food and feed. Scandalously, the Commission proceeded to finalise the authorisation despite the EP's environment committee having voted to object to the authorisation and without waiting for the plenary vote. This is a blow to the EU's democratic process and underlines the urgent need to revise the EU system for approving genetically-modified food.

"In the absence of a properly reformed authorisation system, it is irresponsible to proceed with further GMO approvals. With the Commission itself having acknowledged the need to reform the flawed authorisation process, it should not be continuing to approve GMOs in the interim.

"The European Parliament rejected a proposal to revise the EU system for authorising genetically-modified food and feed by allowing national opt-outs. MEPs urged the Commission to go back to the drawing board and come forward with a new proposal that properly addresses the major flaws with the EU authorisation process. This should now be a top priority for the Commission."


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