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GIE supports the European Commission's strategy on methane emissions reductions


14 Oct 2020



Methane emissions management and reduction is among the European gas industry top priorities and operators remain more than ever committed to deliver EU Green Deals’ objective. Today Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), together with 12 other associations collectively expressed their support to the European Commission’s Strategy on methane emissions via a joint declaration.

Gas industry Declaration

For many years, gas operators have successfully been working to reduce methane emissions through mandatory and voluntary programmes. They stand ready to offer their expertise and remains determined to drastically minimise emissions along the entire gas value chain via stronger steps.

We welcome the Methane Strategy’s holistic approach to better exploit the synergies between sectors thereby helping to avoid emissions (e.g. injection of biomethane – produced from manure and waste - into the European gas grids).

To achieve a sustainable and cost-effective reduction of methane emissions, here are 10 principles and elements that should be taken in consideration while designing and deploying methane mitigation tools:

  1. Flexibility is key for industry to implement the tools and available technologies enabling the highest emissions reduction at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.
  2. A well-structured, fit for purpose MRV system is crucial for a better evaluation of the data and the results of mitigation measures in place.
  3. The establishment of a methane emissions reporting framework for the full gas chain will contribute to improve the transparency of the data as well as the National Inventory Reports (NIR).
  4. Investments on MRV, LDAR and mitigation measures undertaken by infrastructure operators should be allowed and accordingly incentivised by the Regulatory Authorities.
  5. We are ready to support the European Commission in exploring the feasibility and added value of other incentivises and tools for methane emission reduction in the EU.
  6. Companies along the gas value chain should account for the methane emissions from the assets under their control.
  7. The previous long-term efforts of the gas companies who took early action in measurement and mitigation should be recognised.
  8. The innovation, development and implementation of fit-for-purpose technologies and practices are at the backbone of effective reductions. They should be further supported.
  9. The global dimension should be taken into account by establishing an international methane emissions observatory aimed at improving credibility and transparency.
  10. Cooperation with non-EU countries should be fostered as it is key to address methane emission reductions along the chain of gas imported into the EU.

Francisco de la Flor, GIE board member, stated: “This communication represents a quite relevant milestone to address the methane emissions issue in the European Union. GIE and MARCOGAZ have been intensively and closely working with the Authorities and other stakeholders to contribute to the raise of the awareness among the industry players, sharing the expertise and experiences of the members and participating in the open initiatives and consultation processes to allow this expertise to be taken into account to properly achieve the emissions reductions.”

Discover the full gas industry declaration here.

Note to editors

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is the association representing the interests of European gas infrastructure operators active in gas transmission, gas storage and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regasification. GIE is a trusted partner of European institutions, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders. It is based in Brussels, the heart of European policymaking. GIE currently represents 70 member companies from 26 countries. GIE’s vision is that by 2050, the gas infrastructure will be the backbone of the new innovative energy system, allowing European citizens to benefit from a secure, efficient and sustainable energy supply.

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