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Gazprom's interruption of gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland must be met with united and solidary reaction by the EU


28 Apr 2022



The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament say it's crucial that the unity of the European Union is not undermined by any attempts by Russia to create division. In their opinion, the unilateral decision to stop gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland is a clear attempt to put pressure not just on these two member states, but also to weaken and divide the EU as a whole.

Dan Nica, MEP and S&D spokesperson in the committee on industry, research and energy, said:

“It comes as no surprise to our group that Russia is using Gazprom as a leverage against the unity of the EU. This is an old strategy of Moscow that dates back long before the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The statement from Moscow that we hear today is just open blackmailing over member states to pay in roubles, while we all know this is against the clauses of the contracts where it is clearly stated in black and white that payments must be made in euros or in dollars. But, there is also an attempt by Russia to create intrigues among us and force us to undermine our own sanctions and thus strengthen the Russian rouble and the regime in the Kremlin.”

“Our group calls on member states to not give in to the pressure but to do everything in their power to support and compensate the energy losses Poland and Bulgaria are facing. The success of our energy policy is in our solidarity with each other and this has to be demonstrated in practice, especially during dramatic moments of European and world history - like the one we live in now. We have to use all tools at our disposal on an EU level to make sure the attempts of third countries to create shortages of energy resources in the EU has minimum consequences to our citizens and business.”


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