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GasNaturally calls on Industrial Strategy to recognise the role of gas in boosting competitiveness, generating jobs and achieving net-zero emissions


11 Mar 2020



Brussels, 10 March 2020. GasNaturally is aligned with the Industrial Strategy priorities. It is committed to boosting EU’s industry competitiveness by leading on cutting-edge technologies and securing high-quality jobs in the gas sector. Gas technologies bring a major contribution to decarbonising energy intensive industries, including by developing hydrogen, biogas, biomethane, and synthetic gases.

The newly published Industrial Strategy calls on the European industry to go through a deep transformation to lead the transition towards a climate-neutral and circular economy. Our industry is committed to embrace this vision by securing EU’s leadership in developing cutting-edge technologies such as electrolysers, anaerobic digestors, and CO2 capture facilities. The latter can be part of the development of value chains where production of hydrogen from natural gas is combined with Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

“Recognising the importance of hydrogen technologies and systems amongst the value chains of strategic importance is a key step to strengthen European leadership in this area,” states GasNaturally President Marco Alverà.

While delivering a growing amount of clean energy is paramount for the transformation of EU industry, it is crucial to acknowledge the role of natural, decarbonised and renewable gas on and off the grid in boosting the EU’s competitiveness and highly skilled jobs, especially with regard to cutting- edge technologies in energy-intensive industries. With around 32% of Europe’s gas consumption, the energy-intensive industries contribute 20% of Europe’s GDP and 25% of Europe’s employment. As an affordable and efficient technology, gas is a strategic partner for European industries’ competitiveness. Therefore, it should remain a vital part of the European Green Deal policy tools, including the eligibility for EU financing (i.e. JTF, Sustainable finance).

GasNaturally represents an industrial sector able to support the competitiveness of energy intensive sectors, while reducing their environmental impact. A swift coal-to-gas switch, increase of gas-based CHP can provide substantial emissions reductions and increase energy efficiency for heavy industries such as cement and steel, while a progressive deployment of biogas, biomethane, hydrogen and synthetic gas in the energy grid can be part of the pathways towards decarbonisation

GasNaturally is a partnership of seven associations from across the whole gas value chain - Eurogas, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), European Gas Research Group (GERG), International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), International Gas Union (IGU), the Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry (MARCOGAZ) and Natural & Biogas Vehicle Association (NGVA Europe). Our members are involved in gas exploration and production, transmission, distribution, wholesale and retail operations, as well as gas in transport.

Press contact: GasNaturally Secretariat;; +32 (0) 2 588 2335