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Gas Supply: solidarity with vulnerable Member States


27 Sep 2016



“We have to show solidarity with Member States who are already 100 percent dependent on the import of gas and with no or a limited number of alternative suppliers or supply routes. Therefore, access to liquefied natural gas (LNG) should be supported in the most vulnerable Member States”, said Andras Gyürk MEP, Rapporteur of the initiative Report on the EU strategy for liquefied natural gas and gas storage.

One of the challenges in the gas market inside the EU is to achieve a higher degree of cooperation and coordination. “Completing the missing gas infrastructure is essential for maximising the use of the existing LNG terminals and gas storages. It is the only way that we can save them from becoming stranded assets”, added Gyürk.

The Report adopted today by the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee gives important input to the European Commission as well as valuable support for the creation of the Energy Union in the EU. The EPP Group Rapporteur also pointed out that the comprehensive implementation of the third energy package is vital for the completion of the internal energy market: “It is a prerequisite for the Energy Union”, Andras Gyürk concluded.


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