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Future White Paper on European Transport Policy for 2020: the International Association of Public Transport calls on MEPs to commit to doubling public transport use


05 May 2010



The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) has sent a message to the TRAN Committee’s Members calling on them to vote in favour of doubling the number of bus and rail users in urban areas by 2020, as suggested in Mr Grosch’s draft report on a sustainable future for transport.

The TRAN Committee of the European Parliament is meeting today to discuss and vote on this Draft Report for a Motion for a European Parliament Resolution before it is submitted to the Plenary in June 2010. If adopted, this Motion will represent an important input into the future White Paper on European Transport Policy for the next decade, which the European Commission is expected to publish in the autumn.

Amongst the measurable targets by 2020 recommended in the draft report’s text, the Rapporteur proposes a doubling of the number of bus and rail users in urban areas.

The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) through its EU-Committee strongly supports these measurable targets, which are in line with its commitment to doubling the public transport market share worldwide by 2025.


Note to editors

·          UITP (International Association of Public Transport) is the international network for public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the public transport supply and service industry. It is a platform for worldwide cooperation, business development and the sharing of know-how between its 3,200 members from 90 countries. UITP is the global advocate for public transport and sustainable mobility, and the promoter of innovations in the sector.

·          The EU Committee of UITP was established in 1965. The objective of the EU Committee and its secretariat EuroTeam is to represent the common interests of public transport undertakings at EU level. It monitors legislation and provides members with information regarding EU policy developments, prepares EU Committee position papers, and assists and advises members concerning all aspects of European policies related to the public transport sector.


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