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24 Aug 2009


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New EU funding opportunities for maritime affairs!
€34 million is available to fund new projects

The European commission recently launched a joint call concerning excellence in marine and maritime research, and in particular, an improved integration between all the relevant scientific disciplines needed to address complex sea-related issues in the framework of the EU maritime policy.

The objective of the call is to build the knowledge base for a sus¬tainable growth of sea-based activities. It will do this in two ways:

• by improving understanding of marine ecosystems’ response to a combination of natural and anthropogenic factors,
• by providing a scientific foundation for feasible, sustainable management measures supporting policies and possible related technologies.

The Ocean of Tomorrow call cuts across various activity themes:
• Food
• Agriculture and Fisheries
• Biotechnology
• Energy
• Transport
• Environment
• Socioeconomic Sciences
• Humanities

The call will be implemented through three topics:
• Quantification of climate change impacts on economic sectors in the Arctic. (€11 million)
• Vectors of changes in marine life, impact on economic sectors. (€12.5 million)
• Sub-seabed carbon storage and the marine environment. (€10.5 million)

Interface Europe encourages you to consider the preparation of a European project in response to these calls and offers you a free evaluation of the success chance of your idea of project.

I would be personally very happy to talk to you directly by telephone. Would you possibly be available for a telephone meeting during the coming week to speak further about this matter?

Kind regards,

Jorge Negrin Dastis
Environment Department
Interface Europe


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