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Fostering Youth Employment in Public Services: Time to act


25 Apr 2013


EU Priorities 2020
Social Europe & Jobs

“With more than 22% of young people unemployed in the EU, it is now time to act to address this urgent issue” agreed Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary of CEEP and Patrick Itschert, Deputy General Secretary of ETUC.

Presenting the results of the project “Fostering Youth Employment in Public Services”, jointly managed by ETUC and CEEP, the two partners highlighted the need to focus on this important issue for Europe’s future.

Valeria Ronzitti explained “To foster youth employment is an essential element for Public services development, their high quality and effectiveness. Investment in public services alone will not turn public services into an employer of choice unless their image and variety of available career opportunities are promoted. Therefore CEEP is very pleased that this joint project with ETUC has provided many innovative examples on how to reach that goal, and I am confident that our partnership will be equally effective in spreading those examples and turn them into wider actions”.

Patrick Itschert went further by stating “. We cannot sacrifice one or even two generations of young people in Europe. Public authorities as well as social partners must assume their responsibilities and address the fundamental concerns of young people. This joint project was a very good opportunity to exchange practices and to develop the partnership between CEEP and ETUC in the framework of the youth employment challenge”.

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