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16 Mar 2012

Follow @GUENGL  on our twitter account.. We will use Twitter to tweet news from  upcoming events, publications, press conferences, press releases  and other useful information from the GUE/NGL. Where relevant, links will be provided in the tweets to more detailed information available on our website

In order to follow us on Twitter, please click here to go to our Twitter page and then click on the Follow button on the top right side of the page to be the first to get news from the GUE/NGL

We will continue to use our mailing list (which you are on if you are receiving this email), however, not everything that is tweeted will be sent via email.  Email will continue to be used for invitations to press conferences, publication of press releases and for individual media requests and inquiries.

GUE/NGL press contact

Gianfranco Battistini + 32 475 646628


Climate Action Network Europe
Senior Communication Coordinator
Allied For Startups
Junior Campaigns Officer
Culture Action Europe
European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
EEB - European Environmental Bureau
Executive Coordinator
European Bureau for Conservation and Developments
Financial and Administrative Manager
Architects' Council of Europe
Assistant Project Officer