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Farmers’ crisis: new measures to replace intervention price system


12 Apr 2016


Agriculture & Food

"As the farmers’ situation is alarming, new measures are needed to replace the defunct intervention price system", said Albert Deβ MEP, the EPP Group Spokesman on Agriculture, as the European Parliament discussed measures to alleviate the crisis in the European agriculture sector.

“The situation in the agricultural sector is disturbing. The measures already taken are not working and we are observing an enormous price decline on the markets. We must react faster and not just close the stable door after the horse has bolted”, said Deβ. “We must accept that the intervention price system doesn't work. We need a new system including a body which can decide to take certain amounts from the markets. It is too late to react when milk already costs nearly nothing. We all have to work together to create a better situation in the agricultural sector.”

On the European Commission's €500 million support package for European farmers, Deβ concluded: "It is positive that the unscheduled available funds are provided for helping farmers, which is urgently needed in the current situation. The Commission must quickly work out further measures to help farmers in crisis.".


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